How We Work

Find out what to expect when you book with us
Phase 1 : Pre Production

These are the first steps to crafting your wedding film. It’s all about getting to know you as a couple so we can tailor make your wedding film to truly reflect your relationship.

Meet your videographer

Will meet up for an informal coffee and chat to discuss your needs on the day. This gives us a chance to get all the important information we need to produce the best service possible for you.

Contract and deposit

Will supply you with a copy of our contract to sign and details for the deposit to make sure your wedding date is locked and secured in our calendar.

Your special day

We will arrive at the location at the prearranged time to capture your Special Day.

Phase 2 : Production

So your big day has arrived. Our experience and meticulous planning will make sure that everything runs smoothly for us on your big day. We blend into the background and capture all the best moments of your special day.


We use up to seven cameras to capture the wedding.

We have two high end cinematic cameras, several backup cameras and multiple small unobtrusive cameras set up around the venue to capture the best angles of your day without getting in the way.

We usually attend the wedding with a team of two videographers.


Good quality and clear audio is very important to us. There is nothing worse than not being able to hear what is being said during your vows.

We use small lapel microphones that will be fitted to the most important people during the day. We also use a overall ‘room mic’ to capture the laughter and cheers from the guests.


Having the perfect music to suit your personalities and your day makes our wedding films what they are.

Depending on the package you order we can incorporate your favourite love songs into your wedding film to make it truly personal to you.

Phase 3 : Post Production

“We have gathered the materials. Now to paint the masterpiece.” This is where we piece together all the hours of footage from multiple cameras and microphones to make your final wedding film.


We immediatley backup all your raw video and audio to multiple sources to protect against any loss.

Editing your ceremony and speeches

We start the editing process. As standard (excluding the ceremony only package) we include two separate fully produced versions of your ceremony and speeches. Our multiple camera angles get the best reactions to all those jokes from the best man!

Editing your
Wedding film

Once the edit of your ceremony and speeches is complete we will begin producing a condensed cinematic film of your entire day. This will include elements from your bridal/ groom prep, a highly condensed version of your ceremony and the private couples shoot. It will also include shots of guests and locations to give the film a fully rounded finish.

Edit the audio

Working in the film industry has given our editor a keen ear for quality when it comes to audio. We make sure every word can be heard clearly and the volume of any music balances well with any spoken words.

Colour grade

This is the point when we give it that cinematic look and feel. We add an extra layer to your wedding film by subtly altering the colours of the image to give it a personal feel and really bringing the film to life.

Quality check

At this point we watch each Video we produce fully from start to finish to make sure that each version we send out to you is of the best quality.

Send to you

We will email you to let you know that it is being sent out with a link to where you are able to immediately download it or stream.