There’s little that can match an image or film of something special to you. Our connection with memories brings people closer together and forges new relationships.
We’ve both been artistic since a young age and only by lucky circumstances we started working together back in 2013. Tackling both the moving and still image mediums together lets us work round problems, create stunning new memories and give you the best wedding day you could ever wish for.
Special Day Wedding Photography

Jon Sparkman

I started shooting as a casual hobby in 2010 after getting my first full time job in a printing lab. I was developing the rolls of films of professional wedding photographers, and became obsessed with the colours, quality and atmosphere.

My first wedding was shooting my old work colleague’s ceremony, after that I was hooked. I love the idea that an image can you take you back to a moment in time, and all the emotions connected with the day.

What, no guilds?

I don’t believe you need to subscribe yearly to photography guilds to show your work to couples. Lots of other companies will add multiple letters after their names, but it isn’t a sign of the quality of work involved. I graduated with an MA (Masters) in Photography in 2016.

Cheltenham Wedding Videographer with a Canon C100 Mk II camera

Scott Edwards

Since I was young I have loved visual storytelling and its emotional impact. My first camera was a toilet-roll taped to a shoebox. Since then I’ve travelled the world honing my skills in the film industry.

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