Dumbleton Hall Hotel Summer Wedding

How else do you meet couples nowadays than online? I was contacted by the couple in winter 2016 and we immediately went down the local pub in Cheltenham for a drink to discuss the finer details. We chatted for an hour or so about the wedding. How they met and what interesting stories they could tell me about themselves. It’s always so interesting to find how people get together. It could be through friends, online dating apps or just by a happy accident. We kept in touch over the coming months, discussing ideas for the wedding such as cars and colour schemes.

Dumbleton Village Church

Dumbleton sits a couple of miles away from Cheltenham, a place where I went to uni (twice!) for, yet I had never been. A tiny little village in the most picturesque countryside, Kirsten and Tom had chosen the local church to get married in. The sunflower theme of the day reflected the great weather, where normally we see nothing but rain. The church was fully packed to capacity, with friends and relatives lining all the alcoves and church pews. A traditional affair included blessings, an organist and signing of the registry book.

Dumbleton Hall Hotel

After the ceremony and confetti, we went just round the corner of the church to the huge batcave/manor that is Dumbleton Hall Hotel. A huge spectacle with acres of land for grazing sheep and rare black swans. A long drive up to the hotel itself afforded beautiful scenic views, the likes which I miss living in a city like Birmingham. The fondest memory I have of this wedding was the first dance – they opted for a ceilidh, or folk style barn dance. A trained barn dance instructor was there to guide all the guests in to long looping rows of couples. Couples then had to perform and memorise specific dance sequences to a lovely local fiddle and banjo folk band.

A flower girl puts on her wedding shoes before the big day.

Preparations for a wedding with a sunflower theme in Cheltenham, England.

A full length wedding dress photograph, suspended in a window in Cheltenham.

Hair accessories for a wedding in Cheltenham, England.

A bridesmaid looks happy during bridal preparations in Cheltenham, England.

A family gets ready before a wedding in Cheltenham, England.

Close up detail photographs of a wedding dress from Cheltenham, England.

Flower girls play at a house before going to a church for a wedding in Cheltenham.

A bride prepares to put on a wedding dress in Cheltenham.

A bride gives out wedding gifts to her family as a thank you before her wedding in Cheltenham.

A bride gets ready in Cheltenham by adding earrings.

The first look of a bride coming down the stairs before a wedding in Cheltenham.

The bride poses in her new wedding dress before going to the church to get married in Cheltenham.

A bride is given flowers by her flower girl before a wedding in Cheltenham, England.

Dumbleton church in Autumn time.

The bride and father of the bride walk to the church for a wedding in Cheltenham, England.

The bride arrives at a church for her wedding in Dumbleton, England.

The bride and groom listen to a guest reader at a church wedding in Dumbleton.

A blessing is being said by a vicar at Dumbleton church.

The bride and groom exchange rings at a wedding in Cheltenham, England

The vicar blesses the marriage at a wedding in Cheltenham, England.

A bride and groom sing hymns at a Christian Wedding in Dumbleton, England.

The bride and groom leave Dumbleton church down the aisle.

Guests of a wedding wait outside of a Christian church for throwing the confetti in Dumbleton

A flower girl waits for the newly married couple to emerge for the confetti throw at a wedding in Dumbleton, England.

Confetti is thrown outside a wedding in Dumbleton, England

The bride and groom walk out of a church wedding in Dumbleton

A photograph of Dumbleton Hall Hotel in the summer, with sheep grazing.

The grounds of Dumbleton Hall Hotel during the summer.

A group photograph of the guests of a wedding outside Dumbleton Hall Hotel

A newly married wedding couple walk through the ground of Dumbleton Hall Hotel summer wedding.

Outdoor mini golf available at weddings at Dumbleton Hall Hotel

A table layout idea in a wooden frame at Dumbleton Hall Hotel

The bride and groom take their seats at their wedding breakfast at Dumbleton Hall Hotel summer wedding

The father of the bride makes a speech at Dumbleton Hall Hotel

The groom and best man make speeches at a wedding in Dumbleton Hall Hotel

Guests raise a glass for a newly married couple in Dumbleton Hall Hotel

The bridal bouquets around the wedding cake at a Dumbleton Hall hotel summer wedding.

Macro detail shots of wedding rings in Chetlenham

Black Swans at Dumbleton Hall Hotel plus guests enjoying the sunshine

Guests wait for the barn dance to start at a wedding in Dumbleton Hall Hotel

Dancing at Dumbleton Hall Hotel wedding

A bride and groom dance at a wedding in Dumbleton Hall Hotel

A bride and groom end the night at Dumbleton Hall Hotel


Venue: Dumbleton Hall Hotel @dumbletonhall
Photographer: Special Day Photography @specialdayuk
Bride’s Hair & Makeup Natalie Ricciardi @nataliericciardimakeup
Groom’s Suit: Regency Groom https://www.groomswear.co.uk/
Cake: Confetti Cakes @confetticakes.cotswolds
DJ/entertainment: Bees Knees Band http://www.beeskneesband.com/
Mini Golf: BBC Inflatables @bbcinflatables
Car: Drive Southwest @drivesouthwest

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