As our name says, we primarily focus on photography. Both Scott and I used to work together as a pair of photographers for a wedding, but about a year or so we started to look into videography as well. We noticed there was a need for video work to accompany (and not just accompany, but compliment) the photography work at a date, taking your experience of viewing from just images to films. So why book a wedding videographer?

1. Capture important speeches.

Photography can do a great job in getting your best smile, brilliant light and capturing the glorious experience of the day. Unfortunately, photographs can’t capture your words at the altar to each other, the speech from the family and the toasts. Videography comes to save the day, getting perfectly captured audio from the days big moments.

2. Have that cinematic looking feel.

Sometimes its great to feel like you’re in a movie. Forget the shaky hands and portrait-orientated video footage from phones, videographers have a handy selection of tools and equipment to steady their cameras out. Using sliders, stabilisers and should rigs taken from the movie industry, we get silky smooth flowing shots, beautifly slow gliding panoramic shots of the venue and sweeping guest clips. There is no experience that even comes close!

3. Most brides recommend it.

We all know photography is one of the most important services to book for your big day, but videography is often overlooked. There are countless online posts about brides regretting not booking a videographer, saying that as the day moves through so fast, you sometimes miss out on the details. The videographer is there to get those shots, filming the guests having a great time and capturing those moments you weren’t around to see.

4. We’re in the digital age.

As we are in 2016, the entire world loves to share digital content. We can offer a “social media reel”, a short 2-3 minute film of the very best bits from the day. No more needing to post out VHS tapes toyour family on the other side of the world. They can relive your day within minutes of sending online instead. Videography is an important step into making your wedding day future proof. Your film is viewable online and can be a secret for just you and your partner. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed these reasons to why book a wedding videographer.

If you would like to book your own wedding day with Special Day Photography, please contact us. We travel all throughout the UK but are based in Cheltenham. If you have a wedding in Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff or Oxford please get in touch. We specialise in lifestyle wedding photography, with nothing too staged or forced. We’d love to catch up with you over a coffee to discuss any plans you may have.