The Wedding Photography online gallery

In these futuristic days of social media and super fast internet, weddings need to be online. I had a chat with a retired photographer recently. We discussed how the images were given to the wedding couples back in the 80s and 90s. The photographer used to finish the days shooting, then courier the films off to a fast printing lab. They would then send back contact sheets of the negatives. Each image would then be assigned a specific number and code, sent off to the couple and left to them to choose their favourite images. They are then sent back to the photographer, who goes to the printers (again), gets the prints, posts them out and collects the money in exchange. Quite a lengthy process – especially if you’re a photographer working 30-40 weddings a season!

Thankfully that’s not the process anymore. Imagine an online photo gallery as a corridor in a Library, with rows of locked doors. You’re given the key by the photographer that opens just one of these doors, and inside are all your images saved on the internet, in a non physical form. You can pick the ones you like, and take them home with you. You can even give that key to a friend on the other side of the world to access that same room the very same time you’re in there, order a prints and have the physical object created and posted out to them. Best of all, it’s free and included in every package we offer.

What does it look like?

If you follow this link to our online photo gallery, you can see the “corridor”. It’s a public page where anyone can go to and see the collections of previous weddings we’ve done. If you click on nearly any of them (bar one), you’ll find you need a password to get to the next step. This is our privacy function – making sure you only show these pictures to people you want to. The password is generated and given at the wedding reception usually, and is something memorable to you as a couple.

This is what the main screen looks like – a list of previous weddings. Each one is locked but you can identify yours from the thumbnails.

Trying to click on one of the pictures will end in a password prompt, stopping any unwanted browsers from seeing your photos.

What’s beyond the password prompt?

Once the correct passwords entered, you gain full access to the gallery. Every photo that we give you on your customised USB will be on here. You can browse through the images from the day, and click on any to bring them up large on screen. There’s a little shopping cart icon above each picture when enlarged which will let you purchase a print of that image. As a couple you may not need this function (after all, you have the images on a USB so can pop into a printing lab and get copies done quickly), but this function is useful for relatives who may want a copy for their own. If you have a great aunt in Canada who couldn’t make the wedding, now they can find any picture they like from the day, order a print and have it shipped out directly to them, without needing to hassle you for proofs and ordering. The internet has truly closed the boundaries of distance, making a special event easy and accessible to all.

The grid manipulates and moves itself around to fit the variety of portrait and landscapes taken on the day.

Clicking the shopping cart icon on any picture will give you a list of available print sizes.

What other advantages does it have?

There is a function we can enable, which will let you download all the images to your device. This will let you create copies of your images even if you have lost or misplaced your USB. Of course, if you’d prefer we can disable the online gallery if we were to shoot your wedding day. It’s just a great option to have. The images stay on the gallery for between one and two years after the wedding date – so you have plenty of time to access and re-download your images if need be.

If you would like to book your own wedding day with Special Day Photography, please contact us. We travel all throughout the UK but are based in Cheltenham. If you have a wedding in Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff or Oxford please get in touch. We specialise in lifestyle wedding photography, with nothing too staged or forced. We’d love to catch up with you over a coffee to discuss any plans you may have.